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Emergency Toilet Paper Pack Box Brooch

Emergency Toilet Paper Pack Box Brooch


Emergency Quilton Toilet Paper Box

If you neglected to raid a supermaket and hoard copious amounts of toilet paper and when you finally had a chance it was all sold out - then don't stress. I managed to secure a pack for you and locked it into the Emergency Box for you.

Hand assembled clear acrylic, red acrylic with a hand painted white acrylic Quilton Toilet Pack. Finished with a brooch finding on the rear.

Size: 47mm x 63mm x 12mm

Designed & assembled in Melbourne, Australia


*The Toilet Paper Pack is purely decorative so don't try to break the 'glass' because it's not glass it's plastic and if you break it, you'll ruin your brooch and the tiny Toilet Paper pack inside can't be removed or even used in an emergency toilet situation so really, this brooch is useless in an emergency. You will however have an amazing talking piece.  

**This brooch contains small pieces and is not intended for children under 12 years of age. This brooch is NOT a toy. If this brooch is disassembled it could become a choking hazard, please discard immediately.

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