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The Neverending Story Acrylic Brooch

Grimoire - Bastion's Book Brooch


The book Bastion borrowed.

What child didn't want to have a magical book that took you deep into an amazing fantasy land and get you a ride on flying dragon/dog's back. I always wished I could own a book like that and if you wished for one too then all your wishes have some true*

Size: 4.8cm x 6.9cm

Material: Swirled caramel acrylic, cream acrylic, gold & silver metallic acrylic finished with a brooch finding on the rear.

Made in Melbourne, Australia


*Pretty sure this book brooch isn't magical and almost dead certain that owning this brooch will mean no rides on Falkor...sorry (oh and no horses were hurt during the making of this brooch!). 


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