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Acrylic Victorian Tear Catcher Brooch

Halloween - Victorian Tear Catcher Brooch


Victorian Tear Catch Brooch

I can't know for sure whether it's just myth but I created the Victorian Tear Catcher around the idea that when your beloved passed away, you would use an old perfume bottle to collect your tears. Once the bottle was full you would seal it with a lid that would allow for the tears to evaporate and then once the tears were gone, the mourning period would end. 

A beautiful story however I'm really not sure if it's true or not! Let's pretend it's true and this brooch has tears that will never dry out. Mourn your Loves forever.

Hand assembled acrylic with a brooch finding on rear

Size: 2.3cm x 7.8cm

Designed & assembled by Alex in Melbourne, Australia



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