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Salt & Pepper Brooch. Novelty moving salt and pepper acrylic brooch

Salt & Pepper Brooch


Pass the Salt & Pepper please!

Everyone has Salt & Pepper. Every restaurant you go to has it on the table and most foods would taste pretty boring without it. Not enough credit is given to the amazing Salt & Pepper shaker so I've made a brooch to celebrate it's awesomeness! YES the contents of the shakers move around and a tiny bit of glitter has been added for sparkle.

This brooch is sold as a set - no one is separating these two! 

Size: 7.3cm x 2.7cm x 0.6cm

Material: Clear layered acrylic, hand painted on etched areas, silver tone acrylic for the top and filled with coloured sand, with a brooch finding on the rear.

Made in Melbourne, Australia



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