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Acrylic Sno-Kone Earrings Gold Glitter

Sno-Kone Earrings - Pineapple


Sno-Kone Earrings

I loved eating Sno-Kones in Summer, when I was a kid. Shaved ice, syrup and the paper cup that held it all together. The struggle to choose the right flavoured syrup and hoping that the person making your Sno-kone would be extra heavy with the syrup. Then the balancing act of eating the Sno-Kone so that you weren't left with a cup of ice and no syrup. 

So it's only natural that I made the brooch & earrings version of another of my fav childhood treats.

Laser cut white, blue chunky glitter and frosted clear acrylic, hand painted on etched areas and stainless steel shepherd hook.

Size: 2.3cm x 5.3cm

Material: Acrylic

Made in Melbourne, Australia