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Emergency Ventolin Box Brooch - LIMITED QTY

Emergency Ventolin Box Brooch - LIMITED QTY


Emergency Ventolin

So many times I have forgotten my Ventolin and wished I had an emergency stash I could reach for - so now I have a Ventolin in the car, bedside table, handbag, coat pocket, kitchen drawer and office drawer. Of course now it's inside my Emergency Box Brooch, in a real emergency this version is hopeless but a good trigger to remember you need to carry your Ventolin with you.

Hand assembled clear acrylic, red acrylic with a hand painted blue Ventolin. Finished with a brooch finding on the rear.

Size: 47mm x 63mm x 12mm

Designed & assembled in Melbourne, Australia


*I should state the obvious but this is not a real Ventolin and will be absolutely useless should you have an asthma attack. Please see your Dr so they can put you on a proper asthma management plan.

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