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New Release & BLBDO Melbourne

New Brooch release -March 2019

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Christmas 2018

Martinis and Slippers 2018 Christmas Brooch release

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Halloween 2018

cauldron Halloween Halloween 2018 spider witch zombie

It's almost that time of the year, whether you celebrate Halloween and all things spooky or just have a year round thing for witches, spiders and brains then this release is made for you. All Halloween brooches have been scarily designed & handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Wooooooo MEEEEEEE!! (yeah..that was bad!!). The Martinis & Slippers Smokey Witches Cauldron has been on the boil for some time now and is the most amazing spooktacular shade of green, with beady little eyes that keep a constant watch. Resting Witch Face brooch is a clever play on words and you can wear...

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Emergency Box Brooch - new additions

new brooch new brooches

New Emergency Box Brooches will be available from Wednesday 20th June 2018 from 6pm!

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BLBDO & New Brooches

Brooch Lovers Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Brisbane Cocktail Brooches new brooches

WOW!! BEFORE What an amazing Brooch Lovers Big Day Out in Brisbane. If you haven't heard of the BLBDO then WHERE have you been? This fabulous event is organised by my lovely friend & stockist Kate from Hug Me Harry and she was wise enough to get us away from our screens & social media and get us all into the same room to celebrate the awesomeness that is the BROOCH! Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Brisbane 2018 Past events have been held in Melbourne & Sydney. Brisbane had their turn on Saturday 23rd Feb and guess what? Melbourne is...

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