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Christmas Brooch Release 2022

Martinis & Slippers Christmas Brooch Release 2022
Wednesday 9th November 7.30pm AEDT (Melb)

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Halloween 2022

YES!!! I wait all year for October and every year I tell myself to only make one or two brooches and then get carried away with inspiration and make more than I can handle. This year I have revisited some of my designs from many moons ago and given them something of a face lift or simply changed the colourway. The biggest (and most stressful) brooch I have ever made - oh wait last year I made the Pumpkin with the pop up ghost and that was stressful. Ok so this year I have made a brooch that just about...

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Easter 2022

Easter Brooches Easter Rabbit Brooch Easter2022

It's almost chocolate time! I haven't had an Easter release before so I thought I would have a go of it this year and I really really love what I have created. My first thought was to have the Easter Bunny that is filled with colourful Easter Eggs and I just loved the way it looked.   Then I thought how cute it would be to have the Easter Bunny hiding in the grass while hiding Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. This was how it looked in my head and my very rough sketches. Then I wondered how...

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2 / 2 / 22 Release

A 2/2/22 release If only it fell on a Tuesday! I'm one of those people that sees 11:11 all the time. I will pick up my phone or look at my watch at exactly 11:11 so I love it when dates all match or when the numbers are synchronised on the odometer in the car.  So naturally I had my two lovebird Flamingoes brooch that I just created and thought it would be nice to release these two on the 2/2/22 at 2.22pm.  Complementing them are earrings - simple flamingo earrings, the baby blue flower that they sit in front...

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Welcome 2022

A big hello, welcome and Happy New Year. It's 2022 and I was really hoping that life would calm a little. Nope! Tsunami threats, Covid, Covid and a little more Covid, food shortages, mask shortages, vaccine shortages and little old me trying to remain positive. So I will try and channel that positivity into cute little wearable goodies I'm back to work today (17th Jan) and I'm actually really excited to be at my desk. I still have a shit tonne of filing to do - which I said I would do during my holidays but yeah nah. I decided...

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