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Christmas Brooch Release 2022

Christmas 2022

Ooh it's nearly that time of the year - that's right Martinis & Slippers Christmas Brooch Release!

This year I really struggled to create something unique and my brain came through with the goods much later than I would have liked but still, better late than never.

I have started creating my own flavoured sugar syrups for my cocktails and while making Wisteria Syrup I thought a Christmas Cocktail Brooch would be cute, but it had to have some interactivity to it so why not use a Candy Cane as a swizzle stick and I'm really thrilled with how it's turned out. There are two colour ways, you can have red or green.

Christmas Cocktails Red Martini  

Of course I always have Christmas music playing in the background on Christmas Day (it's the only time I can play it and no one complains!) and I have wanted to do an album/record brooch so of course what a great opportunity to release my very own Christmas Albums!

The record in these brooches slides in and out!

Merry Christmas Album Brooch

Christmas Hits Album Brooch

I also decided to play around with my Australian Snowman Jar brooch and created a new Melted Snowman Brooch - all the same elements just in a glittery puddle.

Melted Snowman Brooch


My newly crowned forever favourite Christmas Brooch is the Christmas Chalet Brooch. This one took it's sweet time to be finally realised in my minds eye and I did procrastinate and if I didn't push myself to get it finished I swear this brooch would have been ready for Easter! However I got there in the end and I'm just thrilled with how perfect it is. I have made some small changes to this brooch since this pic was done - check out the Roman numerals - this was my test clock and I sent the wrong artwork to be cut...hmmm. It's fixed now!

Christmas Chalet Brooch


All these brooches and some festive themed earrings will be available from here on Martinis & Slippers on WEDNESDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2022 AT 7.30PM AEDT (Melbourne, Australia).

Merry Christmas


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