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Easter 2022

Easter Brooches Easter Rabbit Brooch Easter2022

It's almost chocolate time! I haven't had an Easter release before so I thought I would have a go of it this year and I really really love what I have created. My first thought was to have the Easter Bunny that is filled with colourful Easter Eggs and I just loved the way it looked.


Then I thought how cute it would be to have the Easter Bunny hiding in the grass while hiding Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. This was how it looked in my head and my very rough sketches.

Acrylic Easter Rabbit hiding in grass with eggs Brooch

Then I wondered how my Easter Rabbit would look if it was caught hiding Easter Eggs and how it would escape capture and this brooch came to life.

Acrylic Easter Rabbit Running Brooch

Finally just for fun I thought it would be cute to have the same Bunny jumping over a floating balloon. I just love this brooch so much and can't wait to wear mine.

Acrylic Rabbit jumping over purple balloon Brooch

So with all this excitement of new brooches I will add that they will be released on Thursday 24th March 2022 at 12 midday - Melbourne time. With really limited stock.




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