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Halloween 2022

YES!!! I wait all year for October and every year I tell myself to only make one or two brooches and then get carried away with inspiration and make more than I can handle.

This year I have revisited some of my designs from many moons ago and given them something of a face lift or simply changed the colourway.

The biggest (and most stressful) brooch I have ever made - oh wait last year I made the Pumpkin with the pop up ghost and that was stressful. Ok so this year I have made a brooch that just about drove me insane but I mastered it and think it was definitely worth the effort. The Mandake Brooch. I'm making limited numbers and they are only available from my online store so be quick. 

The release for these fab Halloween brooches is Wednesday 31st August 2022 at 7pm AEST.


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