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BLBDO & New Brooches

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What an amazing Brooch Lovers Big Day Out in Brisbane. If you haven't heard of the BLBDO then WHERE have you been? This fabulous event is organised by my lovely friend & stockist Kate from Hug Me Harry and she was wise enough to get us away from our screens & social media and get us all into the same room to celebrate the awesomeness that is the BROOCH!
Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Brisbane 2018
Brooch Lovers Big Day Out Brisbane 2018

Past events have been held in Melbourne & Sydney. Brisbane had their turn on Saturday 23rd Feb and guess what? Melbourne is on again in July! These are a must visit event if you love brooches. Money is raised for local charities with limited edition brooches made by the always talented makers ( I managed to buy the adorable sea horse made by Deer Arrow!).

Martinis & Slippers Acrylic Brooches
Some of my brooches on the table ready for sale.
Kaiju Candy / Martinis & Slippers / Curve Creation
Donna from Kaiju Candy, Alex (me!) from Martinis & Slippers & Danielle from Curve Creation
Coinciding with BLBDO I released my latest range of brooches, inspired by my love of cocktails. It's no secret that I love drinking those amazing concoctions of liquid so why not make miniature brooch versions. I'm thrilled with how they have turned out (but secretly wish they were the real versions!!).
Swear Jar Brooch Aussie Coins
Gin Martini Emergency Box Brooch
Espresso Martini Cocktail Brooch


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