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Yeah so if anyone can tell me where 2021 went that would be great!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. It's the food, drinks, the friends, the fairy lights on trees and the opportunity to just be with my people...after a long stressful year.  Oh wait, it was a long stressful year.


So it's Christmas again and I would be lying if I said that 2021 was great. It wasn't. It sucked, it sucked as much as 2020. Melbourne had another big lockdown and while other lockdowns were frustrating, the last one we had hit hard. It's like all the creativity just vanished. My journal that is always filled with so many ideas, shite random sketches and that page that I always draw on while the book is upside down, had nothing of value added to it. 

Although I did start writing an awesome cocktail book. So drinking cocktails was probably where my creativity went during lockdown. 

So I guess it's time for Christmas brooches! I have a few new designs - from last year ( they were designed last year but not released). The first is my Christmas Bell Tree. I made and wore a more simplified version last year but love this version better. The gentle ringing of the little bells sounds so cute.

Acrylic Christmas Bell Tree Brooch

Next on my Christmas wish list is my Coconut Christmas Tree. I have had a Christmas by the beach in a gorgeous tropical location but our tree did not look like this. I wish it did! There are two versions, the first is just a perfect coconut tree with gifts underneath and the other I have in really limited stock is the Coconut Christmas Tree with bling!

Coconut Christmas Tree Brooch

Of course it can't be Christmas without food and I bought the desserts. A
re-release of my Christmas Pudding Brooch and now with the more adorable matching earrings and a redesign of my Christmas Trifle Brooch. Fan favourite Gingerbread Men Baking Tray will also be back.

Christmas Trifle Brooch

Christmas Pudding BroochChristmas Pudding EarringsChristmas Brooch Release 2021 is on Friday 5th November at 7pm AEDST right here at Martinis & Slippers.


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