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acrylic handmade new brooch polymer clay popcorn

Oh how exciting is this!!!

I love popcorn - everyone loves popcorn (until that little bit gets stuck in your teeth and it's a pain to try and remove).

This idea has been floating around in my head for months after I went to put on a novelty print dress I own with popcorn all over it. I had no brooch to team with my outfit, I settled with my gumball machine but it still wasn't quite right.

My concept was hastily sketched into my drawing journal and then I did nothing with it. Eventually I got around to spending a some time creating the artwork and still wasn't sure it would work the way I wanted it to but here I am with the most awesome of awesome brooches.

The popcorn kernels on each & every brooch is handmade. EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. OF. POPCORN. Dedication was me on a Sunday morning creating teeny tiny popcorns and colouring them so they looked as true to life as possible. I hope you love my new poopcorn brooches!!





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