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Vintage Ladies

acrylic black blue brooch glitter novelty brooch pink red silver vintage ladies white yellow

I love how this really simple last minute idea came to me and I did a quick layout of a silhouette of a vintage lady and had a bit of space available on the artwork being cut on white acrylic and taa daa.

I wasn't intending on selling her so I pinned on to my cardigan and received so many compliments I decided to have her added to the collection and was thrilled to have so much interest.

So here she is in a range of colours. My next laser cut I will add pink sparkle (sorry I didn't have enough artwork to fit on the sheet) and I would love love love to have a turquoise version.

My favourite....the gold glitter. I am crazy for glittery shiny things so I love the glitter, although the pink is cute too.


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