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Tiny Little Viruses

Who would have thought that a microscopic virus had the potential to cause so much distress in our world!  You had to have just crawled out of a cave to not know how the world is changing one day to the next. It was only 3 weeks ago we were watching people fight over toilet paper and now I have my whole family at home. Doing everything we can to avoid contracting Covid-19. A real life zoomed up pic of the Covid-19 bugs in a test tube*   The upcoming Boating with the Broochies event that was schedule for May...

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Boating with the Broochies 2020

Just like that it's already March!  I always feel like Summer, Christmas and the start of the New Year pass us in a flash but the middle of the year drags on so slowly. The good news is this coming May is the first Brooch event for Martinis and Slippers. We were in Brisbane last year for Brooch Lovers and had such a great time, the weather was perfect and catching up with so many familiar Broochies was so much fun. I'm truly blessed that I get to do it all again and this time with way more amazing makers and...

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Christmas Christmas 2019 Christmas Brooch Christmas Brooches

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for Christmas! I love the food, I love the decorations (even the ones in the shopping centres), I love the music, I love the people who decorate their houses with fairy lights, I love the smell of the fresh tree we buy, I love the warmer weather. I love love love this time of the year. Creating Christmas brooches was another thing I love! I had so many cool ideas this year (well...every year!) but it really comes down to time. How much time I have to create the artwork and...

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Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019 Halloween brooches

Halloween Brooch Release - Friday 13th September 7pm AEST

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July Brooch Release

It's been a huge first half of 2019. Brooch Lovers Big Day Out in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were amazing and so much fun (and oh so much work to prep for!) and a great opportunity for me to mix with other like minded broochies. The second half of the year will be even bigger with my two favourite seasons approaching HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS. I have so many ideas swirling around inside my head. I will be making time soon to work out what will & won't work so keep an eye out on my Martinis & Slippers Instagram &...

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