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HiFi Toy Television

Acrylic Brooch Brooches HiFi Toy TV Retro

I am so excited to share my latest creation. I had one of these toy televisions when I was a kid and thought it would be cool to have a brooch version of that toy so here it is and I hope you like it.  Many hours of work has gone into creating it and making it work and I am thrilled with how it's turned out. They are retailing for $27.95 and remember I ship internationally so for all those wonderful brooch wearers OS, I can send you your very own HiFi Toy TV!!! Cheers Alex

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International Shipping Now Available!

brooches international shipping martinis and slippers

Martinis and Slippers now offer shipping on all international orders.  For all our international friends we can now ship our fabulous vintage inspired brooches to most countries around the world. So now you can have your very own cocktail themed brooch. Cheers Alex

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Free Shipping

brooches free shipping martinis and slippers

Free Shipping...yup that's right FREE SHIPPING. For the rest of March I am offering free shipping (Australia only) on all orders. Please use the code word MARCHMADNESS at the check out to qualify.   

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It's all about Aliens!

We have ALIENS!!!  The newest additions to the Martinis and Slippers collection have arrived from outer space and they are the very cute 'Roswell' little green man and of course Roswell's little UFO.  Both brooches were inspired by the hysteria and fear that came about in the late 40's after a "weather balloon" crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Reports in the media from people around the world that had been abducted by little green men & let's not forget all those sightings of UFOs - flying saucers with bright flashing lights that travelled at lightening speeds. I hope you love them...

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Welcome to 2016

Happy New Year!!! It's 2016 and after having a fabulous break over Christmas & New Year, we are ready embrace all the excitement & fun that comes our way over the coming year.  So many new designs are being worked on at the moment and will be available for sale within in the next month. I have been hit with heaps of inspiration for future designs & there are plans to expand our range so I know the next 12 months are going to be crazy busy but considering I actually really love what I do, I don't mind one...

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