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Halloween Release

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Oooh I LOVE Halloween!!

I'm so excited to share with you my latest creations and all of these plus a restock of some sold out brooches will be available right here from 6pm AEST on Saturday 2nd September.

The first of the range is my Jack-O Lantern brooch. I co-designed this brooch with my darling 8yr old Son. I requested some ideas from him and he drew a lolly shape for me and I needed a *little* more detail so took it to the next level. This brooch features a special Martinis & Slippers 'Boo Bar', an eyeball & vampire teeth. These are all lollies you would expect to pick up while trick or treating...right? The bonus with this brooch is that it rattles.

Next keeping with the Halloween feel is The Witches Cauldron brooch. This is a co-designed brooch with my sweet 6yr old Daughter. After seeing what her brother helped to create Miss 6 got in the brooch designing business and drew a witches cauldron. I put my spin on it and here we have the most awesome Witches Cauldron brooch - are they treat or treat sweets OR could they be the ingredients for a wicked spell?

Moving away from the classic Halloween feel but keeping with the horrors I have created the Bateman's Axe brooch. Encased in this 'BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY' box is an axe inspired by Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. 

Finally the sweetest brooch of all THE LOLLY JAR!!! I love this but it's very time consuming to make. I try to make sure inside each clear jar is a snake, frog, gummy bears, mint leaf, banana lolly, raspberry cream & licorice allsorts. This brooch was initially intended to be released in Sydney for the Hug Me Harry Brooch Lovers Day out coming up in October but I could not believe how awesome this brooch was and decided that it would work for Halloween but also double up as a year round brooch.

Witch(ha) brooch will you choose?

Spooky screams


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