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Happy New Year!

I have snuck back to my desk to get a little head start on my working year and well...after the shite fest 2020 was I am focussing on doing everything I can to make 2021 much more fun. First week in and...?

Sooooo. Brooches! I have a few really cool ideas and then lots of blank spaces in my brain which is great because that means more room for new ideas. I always have a random brilliant idea and then forget to write it down and trust that I will remember it when the time comes but of course don't so NOW I'm making a habit of keeping a journal by my bedside, at my desk and on the sofa. If all else fails I have my phone that I can jot down ideas in.

As for personal stuff, this year is a ME year. I have let things slip with my health so that is priority #1. Everything else will come second but first and mostly important is my health. I figure if I put my energy into that then everything else will fit in nicely. I hope!

Anyway - back to filing! Have a wonderful 2021, don't be a dick, be kind to other people and take care of yourself.




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