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Christmas 2020

Christmas Brooch Release TONIGHT 5th November 7pm AEDST

Oh we are so so so close to the end of 2020 but before we say goodbye to a hot mess of a year we really should spend a little time trying our hardest to make it a little happier by wearing our Broochie Christmas love.

Despite how much life stopped - especially here in Melbourne with our Stage 4 lockdown, I felt like this Christmas range was rushed and only because when I was supposed to be designing my Christmas range I was instead on the couch recovering and healing a fractured elbow and sprained ankle. Both body parts have almost healed completely but it still leaves me very much behind where I would have liked to have been.

The good news is that because I was stuck on the sofa I was able to dream up all the fab desserts I usually make around this time of the year and decided to brooch them!.

So guided by my stomach I have the Pavlova Brooch and Scorched Almond Jar as well as Plum Pudding brooches.

I know it's early but's 2020. Have a really safe and happy Christmas and I really hope you get to a chance to safely see family and friends. If you are in Australia - get to the beach, have bbqs, go visit country towns and eat their food. Take a drive through the country, ride your bike, eat fish & chips by the sea. Do all the amazing, fun, silly things you can think of. 

Take care

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