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Christmas 2018


My has this year flown past. One minute I was getting ready for Easter and then it was Winter and now we've already had a few very hot days here in Melbourne. Today (Saturday 3rd November, 2018) and I am releasing my Christmas brooches. I'm really excited to have created this range and I really hope you love them too!

The Gingerbread Men on the baking tray is my favourite, a design that took me less than 2 mins to come up with and it was a very last minute idea at that. I have a very dead oven and we are planning on a new kitchen so have been using a toaster oven to get by but new kitchen is taking much longer than I anticipated so I was trying to work out how I would bake 2kgs of gingerbread dough with two tiny trays. Then ***BROOCH IDEA***







These two brooches have been also snuck in at the last minute and are ONLY available here on the Martinis and Slippers webstore and from Lottie & Lu in the UK. They are limited so if you are a fan of pill bottle brooches then make sure you grab one of these. Oh and yes the pills/starts so move around.


Finally...I had to make this brooch. I believe it came from a Christmas lighting display and someone remarked that as well as it looking like a traditional Nativity Scene it could also be two T-Rexs fighting over a circular saw. So I thought it would make a cool brooch. Only a limited amount have been made.

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best over the Christmas/Holiday period. There is still so much to do before now & the 25th but I hope you have fun and not the stress of the season get to you.



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