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Halloween 2018

cauldron Halloween Halloween 2018 spider witch zombie

Green Smokey Witches Cauldron Brooch
It's almost that time of the year, whether you celebrate Halloween and all things spooky or just have a year round thing for witches, spiders and brains then this release is made for you. All Halloween brooches have been scarily designed & handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Wooooooo MEEEEEEE!! (yeah..that was bad!!).
The Martinis & Slippers Smokey Witches Cauldron has been on the boil for some time now and is the most amazing spooktacular shade of green, with beady little eyes that keep a constant watch.
Resting Witch Face acrylic Halloween Brooch
Resting Witch Face brooch is a clever play on words and you can wear it to work without the risk of offending, unless of course you work with one of those delicately minded witches!
Red Back Spider Halloween Acrylic Brooch
Freak everyone out with this almost realistic looking Killer Red Back Spider Jar. These little Aussie spiders give a nasty bite and are a commonly hidden around your garden and now you can wear it on your chest - and scare the hell out of all the arachnophobics. Fun for everyone!
Zombie Brain acrylic Halloween Brooch
Cerebrum Immortuos also commonly known as a Zombie Brain. These were freshly harvested from a bunch of Zombies I have out the back and now you can wear your Zombie pride with love. A collaboration between Martinis & Slippers in Australia & Kinks & Quirks in the United States, These Zombie Brain Brooches will only available here on the Martinis and Slippers online store or my bricks & mortar stall at Market Fair in Ferntree Gully, Melb OR if you are in the US you can pre-order from Kinks & Quirks.
I hope you love my 2018 Halloween range. It's been so much fun creating them.

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