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Tiny Little Viruses

Who would have thought that a microscopic virus had the potential to cause so much distress in our world! 

You had to have just crawled out of a cave to not know how the world is changing one day to the next. It was only 3 weeks ago we were watching people fight over toilet paper and now I have my whole family at home. Doing everything we can to avoid contracting Covid-19.

A real life zoomed up pic of the Covid-19 bugs in a test tube*


The upcoming Boating with the Broochies event that was schedule for May has been postponed until October. A decision all the makers agreed on before any travel restrictions or restrictions on crowds was put into place, so given how much of a shambles our Govt announcements about this pandemic have been maybe it might be a good idea for Brooch Makers to lead the country! HA!

I have recently release a few new brooches and the most popular without doubt was the Emergency Toilet Paper Brooch. If you missed out, please don't stress. I will be restocking of course this is all dependant on when my suppliers are open, if they can open, if deliveries can be made etc.

So in the meantime obey the rules, stay home and please wash you hands - do the 20 second thing and look at the long term bigger picture. The sooner we isolate & eradicate this virus the sooner we can return to a new normal.

Keep well



*It's not really the virus but maybe if we put little faces on them, they might look like this?

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