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Halloween Release 2020

Halloween Release 2020.

**Monday 14th September 2020 - 7pm AEST**

This years Halloween release is much much smaller than previous years. So much has happened and yet nothing has happened.

I am located in Melbourne, Victoria and we have been in Stage 4 lockdown since June and this has had massive impacts to shipping. When I could design something on day 1, have it cut on day 2 and have it in my hands on day 3 it was so much easier. Now with lockdowns my laser cut pieces are taking up to 1 week to arrive to me. It's frustrating especially if I have a last minute idea and then dismiss it because of the delay in getting it to me.

I have however managed to make a few brooches that seem fitting for this year. Masks! Pro-masks, anti-masks whatever you are surely you would think my Halloween masks are acceptable? I did want to make a few more than this but I held back. 

I always get requests for my Halloween brooches from previous years so some of those will be available too.

Finally for my international customers, I'm sure I don't have to explain the issues & significant delays with international shipping. I really cannot tell you if your brooches will reach you in time for Halloween 2020. All my orders are sent with tracking so you can follow your orders journey and crossed finger and toes it reaches you in time.

Stay safe, wear your masks - the scarier the better!




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